the 7th delta international smart & green manufacturing contest(the "contest") is themed "seeking smart iiot talents" and offers three tracks: "innovative machines", "smart factory", or "better future living". the contest is hosted by the chinese association of automation (caa) and sponsored by the chinese association of automation, and the industry and information industry vocational education teaching steering committee under the ministry of education. it is an innovative technology competition for automation, smart manufacturing solutions and green technology applications organized by the delta group.

the contest supports the spirit of education reform and the building of platforms for automation technology teaching in universities. it aims to encourage interaction among teachers and college students from different countries, with the goal of instilling young talents with a passion for automation technology through promoting extracurricular scientific and technological activities. by strengthening college students' design, programming, and debugging skills by integrating theories and real practices, the contest fulfills delta's mission "to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow" and echoes delta's brand promise of "smarter. greener. together". in addition to developing student innovation capabilitiesand the spirit of cooperation, the contest enhances exchanges and cooperation between schools and enterprises.

dec. 24 – mar. 31 registration
jan. 1 – apr. 20 proposal submission & online test
apr. 21 – apr. 29 proposal review and selection
may. 6 semi-finalists announcement
july 24th – july 25th final contest online

the contest is divided into two stages, the online preliminaries, the finals, and the finals will be held online as well this year. the best of all eligible entries will be selected for the finals based on criteria and a school quota decided by the judging panel. a total of 100 teams worldwide will enter the finals.

1. the online preliminaries require an entry proposal submission and a knowledge test of delta's automation products. the evaluation judges are technical directors of delta's major operation areas.

2. the judging panel for the preliminary review is comprised of automation experts and will review and select the semi-finalists.

3. the semi-finalists shall give proposal presentations and entry demos, and answer questions raised by the judges. the best 15 teams will enter the final round.

4. the final is an exciting solution-sharing event, and an excellent opportunity to learn for both students and the audience. the finalists shall give a proposal briefing with powerpoint slides, perform a remote live demo and answer questions from the judging panel. the judging panel is comprised of industry professionals, experienced professors and lecturers, and senior technical directors from the delta group.

5. in order to better protect the earth and environment, delta will issue electronic certificates to the winning teams this time.